Welcome to PT. Abiyasa Putra Samudra

We, PT. Abiyasa Putra Samudra (AP Samudra) are one of most reputable Crew Manning Agency in Indonesia.

PT. Abiyasa Putra Samudra (AP Samudra) experiences with crewing and crew management for a variety of vessels have resulted finding a skilled and experienced crew requires a good deal of knowledge and experience.

Our requirement department is capable of selecting and providing seasoned and qualified with the best personality also good service records Master, Mates, Engineer, Mechanics, DP Operators, Crane Operators, Cooks, Stewards, General-purpose hands, or for Hotel Department.

We have the capability to fine the right crew and offering you a complete crew for any type of your vessels/ships, who are professional and specially operating the Tug Boat, Tanker Ship, Offshore, Bulk Carries, Cargo, Container, Barge Vessel, Supply Boat, Cruise Ship, Crew Boat, Fishing Boat (Trawl, Long Line, and Processing) etc.

PT. Abiyasa Putra Samudra (AP Samudra) Practically always has the crew our Client want and tries to give all the best for Client with a best services guarantee.

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